About PPC

Pandora’s Private Collection

Was designed with relationships lasting in mind. Coming from a wife of 15 years, with a husband who has been away for various reasons, I know how exciting a toy with a Mobile Play Interactive app can be for long distance enjoyment.

A few of my close friends and myself begin looking for a product to sell and promote for couples in the lovemaking world.

This is where I came across a few different companies who were developing a new way for couples to interact in different locations.  This interaction is based on the use of both persons downloading an app, creating an account, and then they begin to learn the toy and how to interact with each other from a distance.

The toys are designed so that whether you are in different rooms in your home or different countries the art of lovemaking in creative different ways can be explored.

Our products are made with top of the line medically safe silicone for long-lasting enjoyment.

From the depths of a few yearning women who missed their partners when he or she was away, and understanding of all women across the world on how they feel when their partner is away we had to launch this concept to share with all others.